Saturday, July 24, 2010

Blessed honored pioneer ...

In 1847, the first party of Mormon emigrants, led by Brigham Young, reached the Salt Lake Valley. This story of the thousand-mile Mormon exodus from the midwest to Salt Lake has become well-known as a tale of remarkable hard work, faith, and dedication. Upon reaching Utah, these hardy men and women prospered through their wisdom and industriousness in a place once thought too dry and desertous to support modern civilization.
Fortunately, these pioneers left a rich heritage which gives tourists today insight into these admirable traits. Utah is full of Mormon historic and cultural sites which continue to fascinate and inspire visitors more than 150 years after Brigham Young declared "This is the place."

If you have ever been to Pioneer Village at Lagoon you may have seen the Bingham Cabin. Erastus Bingham is my great, great, great ... (maybe 7 greats) grandfather. So, today we honor Pioneers in the great state of Utah. It it good to look to our heritage whether looking at actual pioneers that walked across the plains to others in our lives who have been pioneers. For me the pioneer I would like to honor is my mom, who was the first person to join the church in her family. She sacrificed a lot, going against her family to make a better life for her own immediate family. Thanks mom for making the decision that would eventually make us a family forever. Also, thanks to my great grandmother Sharp for being the inspiration for her decision.