Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Happily Ever After ...?

I remember the wedding of Charles and Diana, watched it on t.v. I was 14 at the time and the thought of marrying a Prince was like a real life fairy tale. This wedding I didn't watch all that much of the coverage. I did like the dress, nice and simple, not a lot of fluff and best of all, it was modest. But, is it happily ever after? They were married in Westminster Abbey, which is a beautiful place but they were married with the phrase "until death do us part". On the other had when you are married in the equally beautiful Salt Lake Temple it is for time and all eternity.

Archbishop of Canterbury, stated:
“Here is the stuff of which fairy tales are made; the prince and the princess on their wedding day. But fairy tales usually end at this point with the simple phrase ‘they lived happily ever after.’ This may be because fairy stories regard marriage as an anticlimax after the romance of courtship. This is not the Christian view. Our faith sees the wedding day not as the place of arrival but the place where the adventure really begins"

Love this talk by President Uchtdorf ... "In most languages there exists a phrase as magical and full of promise as perhaps any in the world. That phrase is “Once upon a time.”
Aren’t those wonderful words to begin a story? “Once upon a time” promises something: a story of adventure and romance, a story of princesses and princes. It may include tales of courage, hope, and everlasting love. In many of these stories, nice overcomes mean and good overcomes evil. But perhaps most of all, I love it when we turn to the last page and our eyes reach the final lines and we see the enchanting words “And they lived happily ever after.”