Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Take Me Out To The Ball Game ...

Basketball is winding down now that March and it's madness is over ... time to move onto baseball/softball (Go Dodgers!) Spent 19 out of 26 hours at the softball park on Friday/Saturday this last weekend. It's just nice to be outside. Of course, with our wacky Utah weather there was no softball on Monday night because of the SNOW! I told Teresa with concessions they need to get some peanuts and cracker jacks (as per my usual Title of a song/Title of Post). I'm sure by October we will be so over softball but for now it's a nice change. I guess I'll have to be looking out for some of those single guys that I can steer my friend Kayla's way ... on her blog"Why do all the nice, attractive, friendly guys have to be married already?! and why do i have to meet them?? can't i meet a nice, attractive, friendly SINGLE guy?" Don't worry Kayla, I meet lots of young, nice, attractive, friendly?, single guys down there (emphasis on young - too young for me!) I really need to make it to a Dodger game sometime ... could this be the year? I hope so.

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