Friday, July 22, 2011

An Angel from on High

"Moroni was a prophet well prepared for the responsibility of bridging two worlds: from the beginning it seems that he was sensitized to the spiritual anguish and disintegration of modern society. He was born into a righteous home, but was surrounded by a world which, like much of contemporary society, was pervaded by violence and degradation. All the external influences of society were at war with his parents’ desire to raise a righteous son. His father, Mormon, described the tide of evil that was sweeping the land as a “complete revolution”—both social and spiritual—against the values which just two centuries earlier had created a civilization rivaling the City of Enoch in the perfection of its peace."

I think when I was younger I had a crush on Moroni! After being to the Hill Cumorah and walking on that sacred ground where he walked I know I still do! Pageant was so much more than I ever imagined. I was mesmerized everytime we presented the stories from the Book of Mormon - starting Monday night with the first run-through. We didn't have costumes or special effects or an audience and at times the only thing going was the soundtrack because parts hadn't been staged yet, but even then you could feel the power behind the depictions of events that took place.

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